Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

Dennis Ritchie has died

Sad but true, one of the geniusses who has made large parts of my carreer possible, has passed away.

Much has been sad about Steve Jobs, and that he invented the future in some way.

I think the influence that Dennis and his fellows had to the known world is magnitudes larger than
anything that has been done by any other development in IT history.

He invented C. Can you imagine a world without C, and its sons and daughters C++, Java and the myriads
of languages of the curly braces family ?

He co-invented UNIX.
Read again: UNIX!

The complete development and history of the internet, google, facebook, etc etc would have surely taken
another direction without the principals that where first available in UNIX.
If it ever happend without UNIX.

Even Linux, as a UNIX clone, had no origin to be cloned from.

Dennis Ritchie did not invented the future: he is largely responsible for the IT world, that it is today.
And even if you use your Android or iOS device these days:

His spirit will survive longer, than we all can imagine.
Man is driven to create. He created.
And everyone wants to create something that lasts.

His developments stood the test of time - even of his own time.

Rest in peace, Dennis.